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Homework Basketball 4 DVD Set

At only $95.99, the Homework Basketball 4 DVD set is by far our number one seller. Learn the same drills that made Pete a legend.
The Pistol MovieThe Pistol Movie

The Pistol: The birth of a Legend

The Pistol Birth of a Legend is the uplifting and inspirational story of how Pete Maravich started to make his dream come true. More
SWISH Shooting MethodTom Nordland

the Swish 2 shooting method

The basketball shooting techniques you learn in the SWISH Shooting Method video are simple, but very profound. More
Ball Handling Instructional Drills Pistol Pete Maravich

Ball Handling Drills Instructional

Pete will instruct you through a series of drills, tips, and exercises that will undoubtedly increase your ball handling skills.
Homework Basketball DribblingPistol Pete Maravich

Homework Basketball Dribbling

Learn from basketball's greatest dribbling wizard. Learn Pete's square V dribble, scrambled eggs, the double clutch, & more. Homework Basketball Dribbling

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Pete Maravich Jersey

Pete Maravich Jersey

Atlanta Hawks #44 throwback jersey. Swingman Adidas NBA Jersey. Officially NBA licensed.