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How to Keep Basketball Practice Fun

Wednesday, January 20th, 2016 and is filed under Uncategorized

Free Basketball Practice Tips

If you’ve coached kids before, then you know they don’t like standing still. Ever.

So if you want your practices to be effective, then you have to keep them interested. And this means keeping them moving.

If you’d like some tips on how to keep practices fast-paced and fun for your team, then try these tips:

1. Plan Ahead

There is no substitute for preparation. And, this includes planning out your practice sessions!

If you’re not currently using a written practice plan, then you’d better start now. Practice plans help keep the team moving and keep everyone on track.

Basketball Practice Tips2. Don’t Drag Your Feet On New Drills

When you’re in practice, do you know exactly what drill you’re going to run next? Many coaches don’t, and this tip also goes back to the importance of a practice plan.

Kids will stay interested in practices if they stay moving. So, have all your drills planned out so you can seamlessly transition from one to the next with no idle feet.

3. Choose Fun, Fast-Paced Drills

We can’t say this enough: kids love to move. So choose fun basketball drills that keep them running and active. Drills that involve dribbling the ball through cones or incorporating chairs are fun and different. So use your imagination here!

4. Pick Drills That Focus On Several Skills

Your drills need to be entertaining. For instance, dribbling a ball is fun. But dribbling the ball, then passing, then laying up a shot is even more fun.

If your youth basketball drills focus on a variety of skills then kids are going to stay interested. These drills are also a better use of practice time since you’re getting to work on several things at once.

5. Use Stations

Stations work great for younger players.

Set up four-minute stations in several different areas on the court, with a coach or another adult at each station. You could have a dribble area at one station, or do Musical Slides at another area.

Divide your team into smaller groups and lay out how the stations are going to work. Then, every four minutes, blow the whistle and rotate groups to the next station.

Kids love using stations because they keep things moving and changing, and they’re always getting to learn something new.

6. Keep the Kids Busy

Make sure that you’ve got enough drills, enough balls, and enough baskets to keep everyone occupied. If you don’t, then give some players easy drills they can do on the side with little supervision until it’s their turn for the bigger drills.

You could consider things like jumping rope, basketball drills that focus on rebounding, the Mikan Drill, or partner passing for easy, “no supervision” drills.

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