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Wednesday, January 20th, 2016 and is filed under Uncategorized

Effective Guidelines For Structuring Your Practices

When it comes to your practices, have you ever thought about the structure? That is, when you work on something new versus when you focus on relearning old skills?

Having structure to your practices can have a major effect on the experience of your players.  A solid structure will help your players pay attention, have fun, and keep everything running like clockwork.

The first thing you need to do is to develop a practice plan.  This is a “script” of your entire practice.  A practice plan will help your practice become more efficient and ensure you don’t waste time.

You can also follow these basketball coaching tips for running a great practice:

Structured Basketball PracticesMake sure you introduce a new skill or drill at the beginning of practice.  Players are more attentive then.

Don’t let your drill go over 5 minutes.  Younger players just don’t have the attention span to benefit from basketball drills that are longer than this.

If you have a really boring drill scheduled, then make sure you follow it up with a really fun one.  And, make sure your players know the fun basketball drill is coming up.  This will help them get through the difficult drill.

Don’t ever go too long without something fun. If you focus on intense practicing for too long your players will get too keyed up, and they might not recover.

Choose drills that are very fast paced and focus on conditioning.  And, don’t run players at the end of practice because they’ll be anxious.  If your normal drills are fast paced, then you won’t need conditioning at the end.

Organize your drills so that no one is standing idle.  You can even enlist your players to do things like set up cones or chairs for the next drill.  You can even turn this into a game.  For instance, the first player that gets their cones up first gets two claps.

Use your imagination to make sure all your players are busy at all times.  If one drill requires only a set number of players, then have the rest work on other skills like ball handling or jumping rope.  No one should be standing around.

Make sure you end every practice on a positive note.  Organize it so the last drill is a team drill; this will reinforce the feeling of togetherness when they leave the court.

Break up your basketball drills.  Players lose focus when they work on the same thing for too long, so switch things up after 5 minutes or so.

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