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Pistol Pete’s Homework Basketball: Ball Handling DVD

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Pete Maravich Ball Handling Drills on DVD is an in depth training video as taught by Basketball Hall of Fame Legend, Pistol Pete Maravich.

Run Time: Approximately 60 Minutes
Instructor: Pistol Pete Maravich
Format: DVD Video


Ball Handling Drills by Pete Maravich

Pistol Pete's Homework Basketball Ball Handling DVDPistol Pete’s Homework Basketball Ball Handling DVD is an in depth training video as taught by Basketball-Hall-of-Fame Legend, Pistol Pete Maravich. Pete will instruct you through a series of drills, tips, and exercises that will undoubtedly increase your ball handling skills. Pistol Pete began developing these drills when he was young under the instruction of his father, Press Maravich. Press spent a lifetime coaching basketball and now you have the chance to benefit from his years of knowledge & experience. Furthermore, you can learn the Pete Maravich Ball Handling Drills at your own speed.

Pistol Pete’s Ball Handling is only one of four DVDs in the Homework Basketball instructional series. The 4 DVD set also includes Dribbling, Passing, and Shooting.

While Pete Maravich was especially known for his shooting ability, racking up more points in his three years of playing NCAA college basketball than any other player in NCAA history, his ball handling skills was a primary reason he was able to score so many points. In the Ball Handling DVD, you can learn the same drills that transformed Pete from a basketball player to a basketball wizard.

  • These drills are designed for players of all ages and skill levels.
  • Expect amazing results! Improve your skills quickly.
  • Have fun improving your skill set!
  • Simple step-by-step instructions with visualization for easy learning.

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