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The Pistol Birth of a Legend is the uplifting and inspirational story of how Pete Maravich started to make his dream come true. It was a dream that propelled him to become the youngest inductee into the Basketball Hall of Fame. Pete Maravich revolutionized the game of basketball. He showed how family, hard work, and a whole lot of heart could make anything possible.

Movie carries G-Rating; G as in great!” – Billy Watkins, The Clarion Ledger

adam-guier-the-pistolThe Pistol The Birth of a Legend stars: Millie Perkins – Nick Benedict – Adam Guier – Tom Lester – Boots Garland

Producers: Darrel Campbell and Rodney Stone

Bonus Materials: “Making the Pistol” Behind the Birth of a Legend – Bloopers and Out-Takes – All New Theatrical Trailer – Pistol Pete Trivia – Pete’s Records Gallery – English and Spanish Soundtrack – Producer’s Commentary Track

“The greatest gift a parent can give their child is a dream…”


Pete Maravich Movie Trailer Transcript

Announcer: In a world, where basketball was stuck in traditions of the past. A 13-year-old boy and his father began their quest to change the game forever. Darrel Campbell and Rodney Stone present

Pete’s Father: A dreamer, he’s the kind of guy that believes, two balls fit into a hoop.”

Announcer: The Pistol.

The Pistol on DVD VideoPete: My dream is to get a college scholarship to play basketball, and I’m gonna be, the first man to make a million dollars playing pro-basketball. Also, I want to play in a championship team and get a big ring that says I was one of the best basketball players ever.

Announcer: But change came slowly, in 1959.

Coach: If you play basketball the right way, I’ll let you dress out in the team. If you can’t, forget it.

Boy: If you’re smart, you’ll quit.

Announcer: Against All Odds.

Coach 2: I don’t care if you’re short, slow tall or small. You can play with the best of them if you’ll dedicate yourself to becoming better.

Nick Benedict as Press MaravichAnnouncer: Against tradition.

Boy 2: I want Maravich off the team; we need unity on the team and more of us like him.

Coach 2: We’re going to take you into the future.

Coach: Some things just aren’t ever going to change”

Coach 2: You got to open your mind to new ideas.

Announcer: Starring, Nick Benedict, Academy Award nominee Millie Perkins, Darrel Campbell, Rodney Stone and introducing Adam Guier as “The Pistol”.

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