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Pete Maravich Wrist Pass

Friday, March 13th, 2020 and is filed under YouTube Videos

In this short video clip below from Pistol Pete’s Homework Basketball Passing video, Pete demonstrates his famous Pete Maravich Wrist Pass. Deception is the key to making this pass so effective.

The Pete Maravich Wrist Pass is designed so that the defender is deceived into thinking that the ball is going to be passed to a particular player, but with misdirection, the pass actually goes to an unexpected player. The key is lulling the defender with previous bounce passes that follow the initial steps of the pass.

Pete’s wrist pass is sort of like a head fake in football, but using the hands for the misdirection instead. Master this drill and you will have opponents “eating air” as Pete calls it.

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Pete Maravich Wrist Pass Video Transcript

It’s called the wrist pass. It is a very deceptive pass. Now, here’s how you throw it. It’s a very difficult pass to throw. You take it, just like you’re gonna throw a chest bounce pass. Just like I’m gonna throw the ball over here. I’m gonna throw a little chest bounce pass. That’s how you set it up.

You come down on a three-on-one. You coming down a three-on-one, you throw a little chest bounce. The next time you come down, you set the man up. All of a sudden you coming down like this, and all of a sudden you take that ball and go right here. You go, now the ball goes on the other side. It’s amazing.

And what happens? You know what happened? The guy there is gonna eat air. You ever seen a guy eat air? That’s what happens on that pass called the wrist pass. Right here. Straight over. It’s very deceptive. How do you throw it? You lock your arms completely out. You lock your arms completely out and it’s all wrist. It’s just wrist. It’s wrist. Wrist.

You don’t throw it like this. It’s not deceptive that way. You can go either way with it. You could throw it that way too. Either way. Or, this way. Always in a deceptive pass. I guarantee you. Look it, he doesn’t know what I’m gonna throw it to him over there. Look at that. He’s getting ready. The wrist pass. Hey, it’ll literally make the opponent eat air.

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